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Consider an Alzheimer’s Screening

Are you losing your memory? Test for Alzeheimer’s.

Comfort Keepers recently hosted screenings for National Memory Screening Day in honor of November's National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. The screening, which was designed to catch early signs of the disease, includes a combination of memorization tests, which organizers used to recommend people to their doctors for official testing.

This was the sixth year that Comfort Keepers have held screenings near Carlsbad in Roswell. Among the vendors at the event was Landsun Homes, a company that is extremely involved in the community in regard to this cause. As the Alzheimer’s Association’s statewide contact, Landsun Homes actively helps and supports caregivers. In addition to the screening event, the business hosted a seminar on the same day, called “Best Friends’ Approach to Dementia.”

According to an official at the Alzheimer’s Association’s local chapter, Alzheimer’s is an incredibly difficult disease to handle for both the afflicted and his or her family members, which is why it is important for these organizations to reach out to the community.

Dementia can be dangerous, as illustrated by an elderly Carlsbad woman who drove her car out to the country, stranding herself and eventually dying. Events like this are meant to prevent situations like that from occurring. There is even a Project Lifesaver bracelet system that is now available through the Eddy County Sheriff’s Office, which allows dementia patients to acquire the bracelet so they can be tracked if they go missing. And screening, like Comfort Keepers, will help people know if they are in danger.

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