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Carlsbad Councilwoman Pushes to Revisit the State's Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Motorcycle Helmet Laws Revisited

Carlsbad Caverns Hotels

Judi Waters, the Carlsbad councilwoman, is looking to pass a local and possible statewide ordinance requiring all motorcyclists to wear helmets. The recent death of two motorcyclists has made her push harder to make this law a reality.

Current New Mexico laws only require people under 18 years of age to wear helmets while riding. After reaching the age of 18 it is up to the individual whether or not they wish to wear a helmet on a motorcycle.

Though it is no secret that helmets can help decrease the risk of a fatality during an accident, many still ride without one. Common complaints by motorcyclists include discomfort and decreased hearing abilities while riding.

The main issue at hand is whether or not adults in Carlsbad can be forced to wear helmets; just as the laws enforcing the wearing of seat belts in vehicles was once questioned.

Waters' hope is that by passing the law that at least one life will be saved, as opposed to hearing of another fatality where the operator could have survived if they had worn a helmet. Success in passing the law locally her hope is to then pave the way this coming January at the next New Mexico state legislature session.

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