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Tours Currently Being Offered

  • The Natural Entrance Self-Guided TourThe Natural Entrance Self-Guided Tour

    Those in good physical health will enjoy the Natural Entrance Self-Guided Tour. This journey is not only physically challenging, but offers a glimpse into the history of these caves. Long before they became a national park, these caves were explored by intrepid individuals from many different cultures over thousands of years. When these brave individuals descended into the depths, it was this entrance that they used. Today, modern explorers can take this journey…

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  • Big Room Self-Guided TourBig Room Self-Guided Tour

    The Big Room Tour is one of the easiest of the tours available at Carlsbad Caverns. Visitors should not let this fact fool them, however. Some of the most beautiful sights in the caverns are available on this tour. This tour is, without exception, suitable for all visitors who can navigate shallow rises in flooring and even for those in wheelchairs. With assistance, those in wheelchairs can enjoy this tour as much as can anyone else. There is an audio tour, which…

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  • The Spider Cave TourThe Spider Cave Tour

    The Spider Cave Tour is strenuous and interesting enough that even experienced spelunkers will find plenty to love. This tour is what caving is all about and, for those who have never been in a cave before, will give some insight into just how courageous were the original explorers of this cavern. Narrow passages and down and dirty exploring characterize this trip. Anyone who opts to take this journey will earn the right to wear their headlight and will find themselves…

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  • Hall of the White Giant TourHall of the White Giant Tour

    There are few places left where one can have a real adventure. The Hall of the White Giant Tour at Carlsbad Caverns National Park offers such an adventure. This is an adventure where the route is the scenery and the experience is more than halfway made up of getting there. The White Giant feature itself is the eventual reward, a tall column that sits in the middle of its own hall, presiding over a chamber locked in perpetual dark, save for the lights of adventurers…

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  • Lower Cave TourLower Cave Tour

    The 3-hour long Lower Cave Tour may be just what adventurous souls are seeking when they head toward Carlsbad Caverns National Park. This tour is something of a trek, involving traversing tough terrain to see some of the most beautiful sights in the park. This tour will have guests straining to the end of the lights to see the incredible features found at these levels of the caverns. There are some basic requirements for participating in this tour. Good footwear…

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  • Slaughter Canyon Cave TourSlaughter Canyon Cave Tour

    Unlike many of the caves in the Carlsbad Caverns National Park, Slaughter Cave has been used by humans for more than touring. This cavern was used for bat guano mining for many years. Today, the cavern is preserved and the site of one of the most extensive of tours on offer from the park service. This tour is offered daily during the busy season, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and on a weekly basis during the off season. There are numerous underground wonders…

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  • Left Hand Tunnel TourLeft Hand Tunnel Tour

    Those who want to experience some of the most striking scenery will do well to take the Left Hand Tunnel. There are a few caveats with this tour where physical fitness is concerned. Guests can look forward to seeing some of the best of what the cave has to offer, including pools and fossils. This is a rugged tour and there is a great deal of fragile scenery that will be encountered by guests. The park service will provide lanterns to those who opt to take this…

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  • Kings Palace TourKings Palace Tour

    Some cavern features are so large that they seem almost manufactured. Kings Palace, in Carlsbad Caverns, is such a feature. The tour of this area has some challenges to it and should be exciting enough for the average explorer. This is one of the mid-level difficulty tours available from park staff. While it does require a bit of climbing and descending, the tour is principally difficult in terms of the 8-story hill that leads visitors out of the cavern. This…

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