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Camping at and around Carlsbad Caverns

Carlsbad Caverns is one of the best places to see nature at its most stunning. Getting below the ground and exploring the caves is only one adventure that an individual or a family can have in this area. There are also numerous campgrounds located in the area where families can spend some time roughing it in the great outdoors. For those who prefer not to rough it and whose tastes lay more along the lines of RVs and car camping, there are plenty of options available in that regard, as well.
The nearest locations of commercial campgrounds can be found in the nearby town of Carlsbad and in Whites City. There are large, nationally-known campground establishments in this area, such as KOA, which offer a host of amenities in addition to a spot. These campgrounds are more like hotels, in many regards, with onsite stores and other conveniences provided for the comfort of guests. For those looking forward to recreational games as New Mexico is known with casinos, they can try no download slots games straight to mobile gadgets. Those who need to hook up an RV or a camper will find ample places in either city. Those who want to camp closer to the attraction need to leave the conveniences of home far behind, however.
The area surrounding Carlsbad Caverns allows primitive camping, provided that one obtains a permit from the park. These permits are free. Camping in the backcountry, especially in the New Mexico desert, is much different than camping on one of the commercial grounds. There are no trailers, campers or RVs allowed to camp in the park. Most families will probably find the experience of backcountry camping a bit more rugged than is appropriate for a family adventure, but some may enjoy the challenge and being out in the wilderness at night.
Most of the fees for the campgrounds outside the park hover around $25 for a standard spot. Some of the facilities offer conveniences such as laundry, a good thing for those who plan to get dirty exploring the caves. The city of Artesia also has campgrounds available, including facilities that cater to those who camp in RVs. Whites City is the closest provider of camping spots to the national park itself. Both the city of Carlsbad and the city of Artesia are a close distance by car or RV. Artesia is the more distant and smaller of the two cities. There is a state park, Living Desert, in Carlsbad that offers another place to explore.
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