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Before you visit Carlsbad Caverns, read about the different tours available. Tours include Kings Palace, Left Hand Tunnel, Hall of the White Giant, Slaughter Canyon Cave, Spider Cave, The Big Room and the Lower Cave.

Hall of the White Giant Tour

Hall of the White Giant Tour

There are few places left where one can have a real adventure. The Hall of the…

The Spider Cave Tour

The Spider Cave Tour

The Spider Cave Tour is strenuous and interesting enough that even experienced…

Kings Palace Tour

Kings Palace Tour

Some cavern features are so large that they seem almost manufactured. Kings Palace,…

Lower Cave Tour

Lower Cave Tour

The 3-hour long Lower Cave Tour may be just what adventurous souls are seeking…

Big Room Self-Guided Tour

Big Room Self-Guided Tour

The Big Room Tour is one of the easiest of the tours available at Carlsbad Caverns.…

Left Hand Tunnel Tour

Left Hand Tunnel Tour

Those who want to experience some of the most striking scenery will do well to…

Slaughter Canyon Cave Tour

Slaughter Canyon Cave Tour

Unlike many of the caves in the Carlsbad Caverns National Park, Slaughter Cave…

The Natural Entrance Self-Guided Tour

The Natural Entrance Self-Guided Tour

Those in good physical health will enjoy the Natural Entrance Self-Guided Tour.…

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  • Carlsbad High School Choir goes to Carnegie Hall 2013

    Carlsbad High School…

    The state champion choir, the Troubadours choir team from Carlsbad High School, has worked long and hard to earn spots for representatives of their choir to attend the American Choral Directors Association National Honor Choir. » Read More

  • Consider an Alzheimer’s Screening

    Consider an Alzheimer’s…

    Comfort Keepers recently hosted screenings for National Memory Screening Day in honor of November's National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. The screening, which was designed to catch early signs of the disease, includes a combination of memorization… » Read More

  • Final Resting Place For Carlsbad Vets Coming Soon

    Final Resting Place…

    An effort is now underway in the Carlsbad community for the development of a veteran’s cemetery that meets federal and state standards. The movement is led by veteran Adan Rodriguez, the New Mexico National Guard and certain county and city leaders.… » Read More

  • The Junior's Burritos Taco Truck Rolls Out New Restaurant

    The Junior's Burritos…

    With hard work comes success, and Carlsbad’s Alfredo Cereceres and his wife Rosie are a testament to that. As the couple prepared the opening of their permanent Junior’s Burritos restaurant last week, they took time to be thankful for all… » Read More

  • Carlsbad Students Struggle to Select Healthy Lunches

    Carlsbad Students Struggle…

    Cafeteria lunches in Carlsbad schools, and others across the nation, are planned by a committee, where school officials, such as Lyman Graham of Carlsbad Municipal School, use nutritional guidelines provided by the government to plan healthy and appealing… » Read More

  • Carlsbad’s Main Street Growing in Many Ways

    Carlsbad’s Main Street…

    This past year, the Carlsbad Downtown Farmers Market has been growing more than just produce. Since last year, the actual market has grown by 50 percent and increased its profits by nearly $10,000. With an increase in both produce and customers, MainStreet’s… » Read More

  • World's Second Hottest Pepper Sold at Eddy County Farmers Market

    World's Second Hottest…

    The sign on vendor Patricia Monk's stall at the Eddy County Farmers Market says "Trinidad Scorpion" but there's not an animal in sight. That's because the Trinidad Scorpion is a variety of hot pepper that's considered the second… » Read More

  • Fate of Historic Cavern Theater Uncertain

    Fate of Historic Cavern…

    In its prime, the legendary Cavern Theater located in downtown Carlsbad served as a community focal point and place where movie fans flocked to enjoy the latest film releases from Hollywood. But when owner Brad Light passed away, his plans to bring the… » Read More

  • Carlsbad Caverns Bat Flight Program Offers Great Fun

    Carlsbad Caverns Bat…

    There’s still time to see the bats at Carlsbad Caverns. This fun and enjoyable program will excite your whole family. » Read More

  • Carlsbad Councilwoman Pushes to Revisit the State's Motorcycle Helmet Laws

    Carlsbad Councilwoman…

    Judi Waters, the Carlsbad councilwoman, is looking to pass a local and possible statewide ordinance requiring all motorcyclists to wear helmets. The recent death of two motorcyclists has made her push harder to make this law a reality. » Read More

Carlsbad Caverns Hotels

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New Mexico lives up to its nickname, "The Land of Enchantment". Its landscape ranges from rose-colored deserts to snow-capped peaks. It is also home to the largest population of Hispanics in the United States. New Mexico is a leading produces of crude oil and gas. Among its many attractions are Carlsbad Caverns where you can explore more than 100 caves. Affordable homes are available at New Mexico houses for sale.

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